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Tall, Not Big And Tall

If you're looking for yet another big and tall store - sorry, but you're in the wrong place.

There are plenty of stores out there to cater for the big market, and also sell a token range of "tall" jeans from companies that obviously have no idea what tall men actually want.

Then there's us. The UK's only store that's actually for men who are just tall - men with slim and athletic builds. A store that understands tall, because it's run by tall men.

What we sell are clothes for men who need extra length - not extra width. All our tops are slim and tapered, and we sell jeans, chinos, trousers and joggers in a variety of fits with a 36 inch leg, which generally fit men from around 6'3" to 6'6" (190-200cm). We'd recommend a 38 inch inseam if you're 6'7" to 6'10" (200-210cm), and finally a 40 inch inside leg for tall guys from 6'11" to over 7 foot (210cm+) However, be aware that different people have different proportions, so these are only typical measurements.


    • Our products are regular sizes - as you'd find in a high street shop - just longer. Our products don't fit like the sizes you find in big and tall stores. Which is great news!
    • Many of our jeans, chinos and trousers are available in different fits. The current trend is for skinny and slim fits, and these are great if you're tall and slim like most of our customers. But if you're bigger built with bigger legs (like rugby players, rowers etc), we'd recommend our regular and relaxed fits.
Tall Jeans Fits
  • Different people have different proportions - some people are "all legs" while others have their height in their upper body, so when we give a height range - it's based on typical customers, and isn't the same for everyone.
  • When a pair of jeans is labelled 34 waist, that doesn't mean they measure 34 inches; it means it's designed to fit someone with a 34 inch waist. The actual garment will measure more; this is generally about an inch more, but some brands can be several inches more - this is known as vanity sizing and is why some brands tend to fit bigger than others. It's especially common with American brands (this esquire article has more info) We publish the actual measurements with the garment lying flat on a table to help guide you.
  • The fit of a product will also have an impact on it's measurements. Regular fit jeans will be broader across the whole garment than slim fit ones. So expect the legs / calf width to be wider, more generous around the hips and waist, and regular fit shirts to be broader across the shoulders, chest and waist too. 
  • While we publish actual product measurements, please understand that these are for guidance, and may vary a little. This is because fabrics are cut by hand from paper patterns, and then sewn by humans, so some minor variations are to be expected. The clothing industry uses a accepted tolerence of 3%, which in real terms means the measurements can vary by a centimetre or two.


Once you select a product from the range, you'll see more information on the product - images and videos, the sizes the product comes in - and whether we have your size in stock (greyed out sizes are not in stock). You'll also see a button for the size guide. Click it, and it will open the size guide table with detailed sizing information for each specific product.

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