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What will happen after Brexit ?

The good news is, that in 2021 we are still delivering orders to our customers in the EU.

Our existing standard delivery partner ships our EU orders from the UK into their warehouse in the Netherlands, from where they are distributed across mainland Europe. Orders for Ireland are sent direct.

The prices we display are the same as before; the difference is that we now pay the VAT in the Netherlands, rather than in the UK. 

Because we're taking care of all of this behind the scenes and clear your order through customs electronically while it's on route, there are no extra VAT or duties charges to pay when your order arrives in the EU. We've been operating a similar scheme for customers in Norway for nearly a year, and it's worked very well.

We’re still seeing some delays on consignments going to the EU, as the UK and EU both adjust to new customs procedures, but the situation is improving, and we don’t consider that this will be a long term issue.

Faster express delivery options are also available to most EU countries via DPD. The cut-off time for this service is 1pm UK time.

There's no change in the way EU Returns work. 

Please note that the EU is changing the way VAT is charged after 1st July 2021 on online sales, so things will change after this date.