Customers keep telling us they love our t-shirts !

Finally, a t-shirt that fits you across the chest and shoulders, AND is long enough, without hanging around your waist because you had to go up a couple of sizes to get the length you need. And with all clothing that we sell on 2tall.com - it's longer NOT wider for guys who are tall, not big and tall.

Both our own label and Girav t-shirts are made just for tall guys:

An extra 2 inches in length in our Tall size (up to 6'7")

An extra 4 inches in length in our Extra Tall length (over 6'7")

Normal chest sizes for normal sized men who are tall, not big and tall.

Slightly longer sleeves for men with longer arms

This handy size chart from Girav really shows the difference between our t-shirts and standard length t-shirts:

girav size chart

So now you can purchase a t-shirt that fits - safe in the knowledge that it will be long enough - we've got customers as tall as 7'4" wearing our t-shirts and telling us that they're the best fitting t-shirts they've ever owned.

As with everything on our site - all our tall t-shirts have the actual garment sizes available so you can compare them to something you already own before you purchase - just click the size guide link on the product pages.

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