Chris Gregory is the first 2tall.com brand ambassador, and one half of Team GB's beach volleyball team, who along with partner Jake Sheaf, are representing Great Britain in the run up to the 2016 olympics.

Chris is very typical of a 2tall.com customer with a slim athletic build, who's shape just isn't catered for by traditional big and tall stores. 

"My height means everything on the high street is too short, and yet i'm far too slim for big and tall stores.That's why I'm so happy to have found 2tall - they are the only company who actually seem to understand what it's like to be my height, to be tall and thin"

We'll be following Chris' progress on the road to Rio, where he'll be blogging along the way, and we'll be looking after him to make sure that for the first time, he's got casual clothes that actually fit !

We caught up with Chris to find out a bit more about him...

How tall are you ?


What do you do for a living ?

Beach Volleyball Athlete - Team GB & Athlete Mentor in Schools 

How does your height help you in this role ?

Height helps in beach volleyball as it does in Basketball. The net is 2.47m high and height opens up angles in attack and increases pressure at the net against opposition in defence. 

Tell us something else about yourself ?

I was recruited by UK Sport through the Tall and Talented program ahead of the London olympics, where I met Sir Steve Redgrave and started playing volleyball in 2008 having never played before.

What is the best thing about being tall ?

I dont think about it...I just enjoy it, and of course I wouldn't be doing the great thing that I’m doing today if I didn't have the physicality I have...so its great! 

What do you do in your spare time ?

Boringly but necessarily a lot of my time is dedicated to being successful in my beach volleyball career as we are an unfunded team and a lot of time is put into finding the sponsorship that’s required to continue our journey. Otherwise I always try and hang out with friends when I can after being away competing. Love the cinema every now and again...and just chill.

What’s your favourite food ?

!Italian & Mexican 

What is your favourite song of all time ?

Tricky...my favourite changes as often as the chart does...I like songs that get me pumped for training or a match during warm-up...normally trance, house/rave! 

What about your favourite TV show ?

Game of Thrones/Family Guy 

What couldn’t you live without ?

Game of Thrones/Family Guy.....I joke...probably porridge, home cooked meals and of course, beach volleyball... 

Who is your role model / greatest inspiration ?

My father

What advice would you give other tall guys ?

Embrace it..make the most of it..its an advantage...try not to get hacked off when people constantly ask you... 

You can follow Chris and Jake on the road to Rio here: www.gbrbeachvolleyball.com