Tall and Talented
  1. Chris Gregory: Tall and Talented Sporting Giants

    Chris Gregory Tall and TalentedIn February 2007 the UK Sport Tall and Talented Team set out to awaken some future giants of British sport. In the first appeal of its kind, UK Sport asked potential athletes to make themselves known – providing they fulfilled the basic criteria of being tall (a minimum of 6’3” or 190cm for men and 5’11” or 180cm for women), young (between 16 and 25), and with some sort of athletic background. Continue reading →
  2. Zak Wells: Tall and Talented

    13234530_1197286176950710_1185776668_o "OMG, look how tall that man is" is something I hear every single day and in the past it was something that would bother me, but now it's something I embrace and I can honestly say I am proud to be 7ft tall. Continue reading →
  3. Flying and the Myth of the Free Upgrade

    For any tall air traveller...we’ve all wondered...does the free upgrade from Economy to 1st Class or Business ever actually happen ? Team GB Beach Volleyball Player Chris Gregory on the myth of the free upgrade. Team GB Beach Volleyball Player Chris Gregory on the myth of the free upgrade. Well after years of flying and up to 60 flights in a season for myself and my 6'5" team-mate it finally happened ! Continue reading →
  4. Chris Gregory - Hot and Cold

    You wouldn’t think preparation for the summer sport of beach volleyball would begin the 1st of December 2015 would you? Chris Gregory - Team GB Beach Volleyball Player and 2tall.com Brand Ambassador Staying warm in winter is tough when you're 6'10" - 2tall.com makes life easier when you're tall and slim ! Continue reading →
  5. Tournaments, Time-Off and Flying when you're tall !

    chris_g Now that it's the off-season within the world of beach volleyball, we thought it was time to catch up with our brand ambassador Chris Gregory.  15 Tournaments, 42 Flights & Time-Off! The 2015 World & European Beach Volleyball Tour is now over….so what do we do with our 2 weeks of allocated rest and time-off in the year!? Continue reading →
  6. Meet the Team: Chris Gregory

    e3ttZWRpYSB1cmw9Ind5c2l3eWcvY2hyaXNncmVnb3J5LmpwZyJ9fQ,, Chris Gregory is the first 2tall.com brand ambassador, and one half of Team GB's beach volleyball team, who along with partner Jake Sheaf, are representing Great Britain in the run up to the 2016 olympics. Continue reading →
  7. Backing British Basketball - The Hoopsfix All-Star Classic

    Hoopsfix-All-Star-Classic We're delighted to announced that we've signed our first sponsorship deal, supporting British Basketball by adding our name to the sponsors list for the forthcoming Hoopsfix All-Star Classic event in London on Sunday 15th June. Continue reading →
  8. Irelands Tallest DJ: Bobby2Tall

    2tall.com already counts the UK's tallest football player, rugby player, volleyball player, and most of team GB basketball as customers, and now we've added Irelands tallest DJ to the list. Standing 6'8" DJ Bobby2Tall recently purchased some size 15's from the site, after discovering us because we share the same name. Currently number 1 on the Hysteria Records demo drop...

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