Why did I create 2tall.com. Simple. Some tall men are just tall. So why is it always "big and tall" ?

They are not the same thing. Tall men want to shop in a store for tall men.

Our customers can be anything from basketball and volleyball players, to rowers and rugby players, or simply your average guy who is more vertically endowed than others; they are the tall man in the pub, that guy at work who's always got his sleeves rolled up. They are normal sized guys who are tall; tall men who want extra-long jeans, not comedy t-shirts or jeans with an elasticated waist; guys who want modern fashionable clothes that are decent quality but won't break the bank.

We understand our customers’ pain – sick of the assumption that an XXL will do, when what they need is a LT. They want normal size shirts and t-shirts that don't look like tents; that have extra length in the body and arms; Jeans, chinos, trousers and sweatpants with a 38 and 40 inch inside leg.

2tall.com customers range fromt 6'4" up to well over 7 foot, with our average customer standing 6'8", wearing a size 14 shoe, with a 36 inch waist, 38 inch leg and an XLT top.

On the high street, that's impossible. Here that's normal ...

Our expertise comes from taking the time to talk to real tall guys - we've spoken to several hundred tall men, all united through their struggle to find decent fitting clothing, and rather than simply show them what we've got, we actually asked them for their opinion. The feedback we got was brilliant - loads of interesting information, hints, ideas and a few major points that came up again and again:

"These bland big and tall stores are for fat not tall men and what they sell is too big, too expensive, and unfashionable."

"Stuff that my dad would wear pretty much sums it up"

Tall men don't need extra large, they need extra tall. Big clothes may be longer, but aren't the right shape or fit for tall guys. That's why what we sell only comes in tall sizes, and will fit customers who are 6'4" plus. Selected products come in extra tall too for the guys who are pushing 7 foot plus.

As a tall man myself, I've struggled to find stuff to fit since my teens, and can relate first hand to every guy I've spoken to. 2tall.com certainly isn't just another "big and tall" website - it's a project of passion from someone who knows exactly what his customers want, because I'm one of you. I've taken my 12-year knowledge of running a successful online business and my experiences of shopping for clothes to fit and tried to turn it into what every tall guy needs.

However, it's not just about what I think – it’s about what every tall guy thinks, and I massively value and appreciate the feedback from all the guys I've spoken to; guys who've helped develop and shape the direction, look and feel of the site, and the products we sell. I've listened to every one of you. Some of you have become great friends, and continue to be actively involved.

If you need more information, or help with your purchase - e-mail or call. You'll talk to someone who understands. We're not some faceless website that's part of a massive mail order company, we're a website created by tall guys for tall guys like you.

So please get involved, help shape the direction of the site, and what we do going forward, we'd love to hear your thoughts too.

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