We Understand Tall - Our Story

The most important thing we’ve learnt about our customers in the 5 years since we launched 2tall.com is how much they appreciate that we understand tall.

At 2tall.com you’re not dealing with some stranger in a call centre who doesn’t get what it's like to be tall. When you talk to us, you’re talking to a tall guy who knows the problems you face, and as a business, we’re working hard to find our customers clothing that actually fits.  There are constant hurdles getting in the way of sourcing the products we want to sell, but we won't stop in our pursuit of giving you the best selection of tall clothing and big shoes.

In those 5 years, we’ve served over 35,000 tall guys and we want to meet the rest of you !

We're absolutely not just another big and tall store - we only sell clothes for the fit not fat man - men who need extra length, not extra width. Our tees, shirts and polos are cut for guys with normal and athletic builds to accommodate longer arms and bodies, and don't hang like tents. Our jeans, chinos, trousers and sweatpants are specifically for guys with a 36, 38 or even 40 inch inside leg, and our jeans in normal, relaxed and slim fits.

Our customers are basketball and volleyball players, rowers and rugby players, the tall guy in the pub, the tall teen at school or uni, that guy at work who's always got his sleeves rolled up. We are normal sized guys who are tall; tall men who want extra-long clothes, not extra wide tents. We don’t believe in only selling what's available, and are currently working with other tall businesses around the world to source exclusive ranges of jeans, chinos, shirts and socks to make sure we can offer products that customers want.

"Our first 5 years have really confirmed that there is a market out there that's just not being catered for. A world of guys who are tall, rather than big and tall, and are being completely ignored. We're here to change that"

Our sizes start where high street tall finishes - we're not a business who considers 6'2" guys as tall - our customers start at around 6’4” or so with a 36 inch inside leg, and we've got plenty who are 7 foot plus. And because we're tall guys too, guys who understand your plight, you know that you're in safe hands. Becuase the problems that tall guys have are not something average height people understand.

 "As someone who's 7 foot, i've struggled to find clothes and shoes since my teens, so can relate first hand to every customer I've spoken to. I created 2tall.com to meet the needs of other tall men just like me. I've taken 12 years of experience in running a successful online business and the problems i've faced as a tall guy, and tried to turn it into something to help others" - J.J.

If you've looked around the site, you've seen Andy before. It’s his legs in all the jeans on 2tall.com. He's been involved in the site since before it’s inception, and has now  joined us full time, as he's finished university. As a 25 year guy who's 6'9" he’s very typical of a 2tall customer, and is well placed to offer help to guys who are just like him.

“It's great to be involved with 2tall.com because finding clothes has always been hard, but I know that J.J. understands the problems we all face, and is creating a business to make life easier for me and other guys my height. It's great to be able to contribute, and help make a difference” - Andy (pictured above)

 It’s the support of the tall community that allows us to continue to work to expand the ranges, which in turn benefits us all as tall guys.

 Tall isn’t what we do, it’s who we are.


Here's a few recent comments from our customers:

"Helpful to have people who understand, and can provide assistance with certainty" - Nick 6'10"

"2tall is the only place that understands that tall clothing doesn't have to be big and tall and outdated, to top it off the service is brilliant" - Jordan 6'11"

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