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Welcome to 2tall.com - the UK's only store that's exclusively for tall men. We stock a range of

extra long tall mens clothing


large size shoes.


We're not just another big and tall store - we sell normal size clothes that are extra long, not extra wide. Our average customer is 6'8" and wears a size 14 and we've got plenty of customers who are 7 feet plus. We sell extra long tall and extra tall jeans and chinos, trousers and sweat pants with a 38 inch leg and 40 inch inside leg, shirts and t-shirts in tall and extra tall lengths, and

size 13 shoes


size 14 shoes


size 15 shoes

and even larger.

We're owned and operated by tall guys for tall guys, and because we talk to other people your height every day, we know what fits.

So if you need any advice on sizes - call us on 0333 800 5225 or e-mail us - we can help.  We understand tall.