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While you should always check the manufacturers instructions on the garment care label in relation to the maximum washing and ironing temperates, following these tips can help avoid shrinkage when you wash your clothes.

  • - Modern detergents will work just fine at 30 degrees, so keep the temperate as low as possible. The cooler the wash, the less shrinkage will occur. This is especially true with knitted natural fabrics like 100% cotton t-shirts.

  • - As soon as you take your clothes out of the wash - give them a really good shake to seperate the fibres while they're still damp. Garments like t-shirts will contract in the hot water, but stretching them while they're still wet will help return them to their original size.

  • - Don't tumble dry - the heat from the dryer will cause the fibres to contract. It's better for the clothes and the environment if you dry them by hanging them up. If you have to use a dryer, keep the temperature low, and the drying time short.

  • - Look for mixed fibres - even a small percentage of modern synthetic fibres like elastane (also known as lycra or spandex) or polyester can help to prevent shrinkage.

If you've got any tall guy tips to avoid shrinkage when washing, feel free to share them with us, and we'll include them here.

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