Training when you're tall is often a remedy for things like natural bad posture. But it can also be a confidence booster! In a previous blog of mine I spoke about people being tall, especially at a younger age tending to slouch. In ways young tall people can be a little embarrassed about their height. This is understandable at that age as there will always be people staring or making comments, which of course makes things a little uncomfortable.

Training When You're Tall

I certainly was victim to this also, I would tend to slouch and after time I started to naturally have a bad posture. As I kid I loved to weight train and still do to this day as it's a huge component to playing well and keeping my body healthy throughout the long basketball season.

The more I started to weight train and practice big compound lift such as the deadlift my posture started to improve dramatically. Mainly because when practicing the technique of the deadlift you are taught to squeeze your shoulder blades together which opens out your chest. Have a nice flat back and engage your core. So practicing movements like this really helped me with my posture. So having this paired with accepting your height and being proud of it is really going to help.

I've been competing in a high level of sport for a few years now. I have come to realise the bigger you are the more prone you are to injuries. I can speak for myself also having torn my meniscus and having to sit out an entire season. Not to mention spraining my ankles on many occasions. Because of this I really put a lot of time into researching many exercises and techniques to help with Injury prevention. I adapt my workouts (especially during the season) to mainly focus on this. Training when you're tall is super important. 

The Future

It's sad to me when I hear of athletes having to retire due to the build up of multiple injuries and just not being able to get back to 100%. The reality for all athletes competing at a high level is that it's not going to last forever. So I really take keeping my body healthy so I can continue to do what I love for as long as I possibly can!

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