The idea of an online store just for tall guys had been on the back of my mind for many years, because as someone who's 7 foot, I knew only too well that buying clothes was a nightmare. When you did actually find some tall mens jeans, the fit was terrible, the style was dated, and the quality was poor. I knew there had to be a better way.

[caption id="attachment_740" align="aligncenter" width="600"]The original version of the logoThe original version of the logo.[/caption]

Back in 1999, i'd launched a website selling DJ equipment online, one of the first in the UK, and so had over a decade of experience in building and running online stores. I took that knowledge, together with the other thing I knew all about, being tall, and decided it was time to do something for the UK's tall guys.

So I started to look for a name...

I knew it had to get the message across about what we did, and be memorable. After a lot of discusion and debate, I settled on the name too tall. It ticked all the boxes. But there was a problem. How do you spell it ? ToTall, TwoTall, or TooTall ? It was all a bit too confusing.

Then I hit on the idea of - I know that it's not gramatically correct, but it was unusual, short, and it made it instantly memorable. After picking up the domains I needed, and setting up the limited company, it was time to start finding suppliers.

But that's another blog post...