Welcome to the Tall Guy Style Guide!

Here at 2tall, we understand how difficult it can be for us tall guys to find clothes that fit. That's where we come in! But we all run into the same problems when it comes to actually putting outfits together. Should I wear a short sleeved t-shirt with shorts? Do vertical stripes make me look even taller? Luckily, we're on hand to answer these questions and make sure you look and feel great as a tall guy. Welcome to the Tall Guy Style Guide!

We've addressed some classic tall people problems when it comes to clothing and style. We hope this guide answers some of your tall guy style questions! From summer shorts and t-shirt style to how to wear shirts and jackets in winter, you'll find some gems of tall guy style tips in here...

Do Vertical Stripes make Tall Guys Look Taller?

They can! But only if they are really thick and prominent. It's common knowledge that vertical stripes can appear to elongate your figure, therefore us tall guys seem to stay clear. But there are stripey options out there for us! Just take a look at Andy wearing the Slim Fit Tall Blue Stripe Shirt from Eterna

Eterna Slim Fit Tall Shirt (blue stripe)

The vertical stripe pattern certainly doesn't elongate his figure because the stripes are nice and thin, and close together.
So, check out our range of extra long shirts and find out for yourself how good us tall guys can look in stripes!

Should tall guys wear shorts?

Absolutely! But there are a couple of rules to follow.

Avoid super short shorts.

Why? Because they only make our legs look un-proportionally long. All of our extra long shorts here at 2tall are specifically designed with tall guys' long legs in mind. That extra bit of length does wonders for keeping us looking proportionally perfect. 

Don't go too tight!

Our slim fit shorts are designed to fit a little snugger, however, make sure you don't wear a size too small. This will exaggerate your height. Even with slim fits, your shorts should add a bit of weight to your upper leg, breaking up the sections of your legs and giving the appearance of better proportions. So no budgie smuggler shorts - no-one wants to see that...

Check out Andy (6'9") wearing our 2t tall stretch chino shorts.

2t Stretch Chino Shorts (stone)

What colours should I wear as a tall guy

When it comes to colours, it's pretty much an even playing field for us tall guys. But there are a couple of guidelines to remember:

Mix it up. 

Don't wear block colours from head to toe, this will only accentuate your height. Instead, try to break up your look - wear a different coloured shirt to your jeans or trousers.

For example, check out Lewis (6'7"), breaking up his outfit by wearing our skinny fit jeans (denim) with our pink tall t-shirt. This can be done with so many colours, and luckily we have a huge range of coloured t-shirts to help you mix it up and stay fresh!

 2t Tall T-Shirt (pink)

What about shoes and trainers for tall guys?

When it comes to pairing large size shoes and trainers with outfits, there is one important thing to remember:

Don't be a clown!

If you like to go for chunkier skate style shoes from brands like DC or Supra, stay away from wearing skinny style jeans or chinos. Instead, us tall guys benefit from wearing regular fit bottoms with this style of shoe, to help balance out our proportions. This will avoid any unnecessary 'clown shoe' situations as a result of our large shoes!

Additionally, if you like 'smaller' framed shoes from brands like Lacoste or Converse, skinny or slim fit jeans or chinos will work perfectly.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Ox (buff)

Can tall guys wear short-sleeved t-shirts with shorts?

If you wear 2tall products you can!

As tall guys, exposing too much of our limbs can make us look out of proportion. That's why we developed our extra long shorts and extra long t-shirts!

We believe that no tall guy should be left behind, so we've developed our vast collection of products in a range of sizes. 

2t Tall Raglan T-Shirt (grey/navy)

Winter Tall Guy Style

Layer up!

That's a bit of a no-brainer for winter time, but bear with me... Wear your jacket upen, showing a different coloured jumper or shirt. This can draw the eye away from your height. It's the same idea as wearing block colours, mixing it up with colours, tones and layers really helps even out proportions. Check out our advice on Winter Looks for Tall Men and Winter Jackets for Tall Guys for some more inspiration! 

Here's Andy wearing the Cabano Tall Tech Down Lightweight Jacket in blue. We broke up the outfit with a light coloured jumper, the Peter Gribby Aran Crew Neck Jumper in ivory. 

Cabano Tall Tech Down Lightweight Jacket (blue)

Layering Shirts

Same rules apply when wearing casual shirts. Wear your shirt open with a plain t-shirt underneath to break your outfit up. Checl out Tom wearing our 2t Slim Fit Long Sleeve Tall Shirt in 'Deep Sea Check', with a classic 2t Tall T-Shirt in 'Heather Grey'. Stylish clothes that actually fit = happy Tom!

2t Slim Fit Long Sleeve Tall Shirt (deep sea check)

And That's the Tall Guy Style Guide!

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So that just about does it for the Tall Guy Style Guide. However, there is one more thing to remember, and it's probably the most important thing:

Own it. Take a leaf out of Zak Wells' book and forget the negativity you hear from people. It's great being tall, and we should embrace it. 

Until next time,