So this happened last night. My fellow talls will understand this photo.


That's my leg (more than adequately) filling the easyjet extra legroom seat that I had to pay for, as there is no way on earth i can sit down in one of their standard seats. To my left, a tiny woman. Probably not even 5 foot. She clearly didn't need to have an extra legroom seat, but had one anyway.

About 3 rows in from of me was a guy who was about 6'7" and obviously struggling, while the child sized woman next to me had enough space to park a bus in.

The whole situation annoyed me so much. Not because I had to pay for the seat (it's just something I have to do - like it or not) but because there was a simple solution to the problem, which would have made life easier for the guy in front of me, yet the staff didn't do anything about it. When you pay an airline for a ticket - they have a duty of care to look after their passengers - surely this includes giving us a seat we can fit into.