Does a taller body correlate to a leaner physique? Well scientists at the University of Queensland may have found the answer.

A study investigating differences between European countries, found that people from northern Europe tended to be taller and slimmer than other Europeans.

Dr Robinson of the University of Queensland said the findings provide a genetic basis that supports the stereotype that Scandinavians are generally tall and slim.

The study paves a way to determine whether national differences in disorders such as dementia, diabetes and heart disease are influenced by genetics.

“The research suggests that tall nations are genetically more likely to be slim,” said the co-author of the study, Professor Visscher. 

Dr Robinson said that approximately 24 percent of the genetic variation in height and 8 percent of genetic vatiation in BMI (Body Mass Index) can be attributed to regional differences.

Although genetic variation between nations could signal a difference in height, environmental factors were regarded as the main determinant of a population’s BMI.  

“The results suggest that differences in diet, for example, are more important than genetics in creating difference in BMI among nations.” 

So although we as taller people can eat up to approximetly 273,000 more calories per year than the average person, maybe I should be watching what I eat otherwise I might need a larger jeans size.