2tall Brand Ambassador Zak Wells

Team GB basketball player, and 2tall brand ambassador Zak Wells is 7 foot (213cm), and knows all about the problems that come with being tall and how we deal with it, learn to accept it and eventually love it.

For every tall person out there, they have probably found that being tall certainly comes with its problems and insecurities. Especially growing up and always having to stand at the back of every class photo as you are the tallest by a long shot. I know that's what it was like for me.

For the most part, when it came to growing up we all want to fit in with our peers the best we can and being exceptionally tall, you realise you don’t fit in as much as you would particularly like to. For me I enjoyed being tall for the most part, especially when it came to sport as it usually gave me an advantage, although it also came with some downsides. I used to take it very personally when people would stare and make comments about my height. It meant I would slouch so I wouldn’t get noticed as much.

Then at around the age of sixteen I started playing basketball and obviously being around many other tall people made me feel more comfortable and less of a stand-out. As time went on I got used to everything that comes with being tall, from the group of people who want a picture with me, to the people that love to make a joke about my height. I realised there is nothing I can do about it and so I should be proud of my height. I just started to ignore the negativity that came every now and then and really embrace all the positive aspects of being a 7 footer. When I get people wanting to know how tall I am or asking for a photo I make myself as approachable as I can, after all, people remember me because of my height, so I don't want to give them a negative impression of me ! 

Over the years I have met so many great people through my height and the fact that I am proud of it and always happy to have a laugh about it has made things easier and really shown me how brilliant it is being tall.