At the time I didn't think much of it - I got refused from a bar, and when I asked why, I was told "you're too big. If you kicked off we wouldn't be able to handle you"

Then a couple of months ago, a customer I know mentioned that he too got knocked back from a club because he was "big and black". And last weekend, someone else mentioned on twitter that clubs in Leeds won't let him in as he's not 6ft and 12 stone.

All this got me thinking; is this a new, and as yet undocumented form of tall discrimination ? And the answer is definitely yes.

I've spoken to quite a few customers who've told me they've experienced exactly the same thing - or at least felt that the reason why they got a "not tonight" was for no other reason than they were bigger than the door staff. I've even talked to one customer who's experienced both sides of the story - at 6'7" he's been refused entry on a night out because of his size, but as a working doorman, he's seen colleagues refuse guys entry simply because they are "too big"

It turns out, there was a fairly high profile case of this a few years ago, when former NBA player John Amaechi was refused entry to a club in Manchester for being "big, black and could be trouble"

It appears that the mentality of certain door staff is that they don't like the fact that there is someone in their venue who makes them look small - and their ego demands that they are the biggest guy in the place. For the record, it's most certainly not all, as quite a few of our customers work the doors, and i'd like to think they'd treat a fellow tall with some respect.

Has this happened to you ? Have you experienced similar discrimination because of your height ?