Extra Long Mens T-Shirt Created For Tall Men

It’s safe to say summer is now well and truly here. So, there is no better time for you to upgrade your summer wardrobe with some extra long t-shirts that actually fit!

Being tall should not mean we have to stand out even more due to bad fitting clothing. 

After all, wearing clothes that are not long enough, makes us look even taller!

That is why we have a new selection of tall t-shirts to help you look and feel great while catching some rays. 


Extra Long T-Shirts 


Last month we launched a new collection of tall t-shirts exclusively for tall men. 

Created for guys that are tall, not big and tall. T-shirts that are long enough in the body and fitted across the chest and shoulders. 

Gone are the days where your t-shirt hangs around your waist as you had to go up 3 sizes to get the length you need. 

Like all our products here at 2tall, they are extra long, not extra wide! 

Our t-shirts are created with 4 inches of extra body length, compared to the t-shirts you would find on the high-street. With normal chest sizes, just longer which is why our sizes are MT-2XLT. 

Made with 100% cotton, our extra long t-shirts, not only fit perfectly but are extremely comfortable. The extra length will also prevent any unwanted tan lines across your midriff. 


You Asked, We Listened.  


Our new 2tall t-shirts include some brand new colourways for 2018. 

We listened to your comments last year and you wanted to see more summer colours. That is why we added some new additions that include sky blue, red, and a personal favourite, pink colourway.

Think you can pull it off?   



Are Our T-Shirts Really Long Enough?  

Simple answer – Yes. 

Our customers are tall guys from 6’3” up to 7’4”, who wear out t-shirts day in, day out. 

As tall guys ourselves, we too spent years buying clothes online only to find out they were not long enough.  

That is why we use real tall guys, just like you, to model our products. 

Our models range from 6’6” – 7 foot, which we hope will give you a realistic representation of how the product will fit. 

As with everything on our site, there is a size guide under each product picture. This will help you choose the size the is most suitable to you. For example, if you have a 40 inch chest in our 2t tall t-shirts, we would recommend trying a size LT. 

Check out our full collection of tall men’s t-shirts.

So now you can purchase a t-shirt that fits - safe in the knowledge that it will be long enough. 


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Any Questions? 


Remember we are tall guys too. So, if you ever have any questions or need advice about sizing, feel free to contact us either by email ([email protected]) or by phone (0333 800 5225). Whether you’re looking for size 13 shoes or tall mens clothing, we’ve got you covered!