As we all know, flying is a real pain for tall guys, squeezing into a seat that has just enough legroom for someone who is 5’6”.  But is this nightmare about to change?

Well it looks like it. A plane seat created by B/E aerospace has the ability to be moved forward and backwards depending on the height of the individual, so gifting taller men with some much desired extra leg space. Cabin crew will be able to control and move chairs through the use of smart device called the “Smart Space Wireless Actuator”. So when a tall guy is crammed into a seat, cabin crew can move their chair backwards, removing space from people who don’t need it such as children.

When we check in, we would inform the airline of our height and once all passengers are checked in, the cabin crew will arrange the seats appropriately, catering for the taller individuals.

The designer of the seat is currently submitting an application of the idea, and I think I can speak on behalf of every tall guy on the planet when I say we are all well and truly behind him.

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