Tall World Problems
  1. There's more to tall mens clothing than a few extra inches.

    Last week, a box of clothing samples turned up at 2tall HQ. This was in the box... Apparently, this is Tall Mens Clothing Continue reading →
  2. Tournaments, Time-Off and Flying when you're tall !

    chris_g Now that it's the off-season within the world of beach volleyball, we thought it was time to catch up with our brand ambassador Chris Gregory.  15 Tournaments, 42 Flights & Time-Off! The 2015 World & European Beach Volleyball Tour is now over….so what do we do with our 2 weeks of allocated rest and time-off in the year!? Continue reading →
  3. Height Discrimination: "You're too big"

    At the time I didn't think much of it - I got refused from a bar, and when I asked why, I was told "you're too big. If you kicked off we wouldn't be able to handle you" Then a couple of months ago, a customer I know mentioned that he too got knocked back from a club because he...
  4. The 32 Absolute Worst Parts about being Tall

    Buzzfeed: The 32 Absolute Worst Parts about being Tall But there are a lot more great things about being tall ...
  5. The Pros and Cons of being Tall

    However, now that we sell shirts for tall guys that are longer without being wider, the middle Con is now a thing of the past. credit: Dog House Diaries
  6. Tall World Problems: Pay as you Weigh

    The BBC are reporting, that Samoa Airlines are about to start charging their passengers to fly based on how much they weigh. Now I personally feel that this is simply the media and airlines trying to gauge the publics reaction, but feel it's worth mentioning here, as flying is always a real issue for tall people, and my own opinion...

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