Tall People Problems
  1. Extra Tall Joggers and Sweat Pants: Not just for the gym

    Our customers consistently tell us that finding extra long joggers is one of the biggest struggles in life as a tall man. Continue reading →
  2. There's more to tall mens clothing than a few extra inches.

    Last week, a box of clothing samples turned up at 2tall HQ. This was in the box... Apparently, this is Tall Mens Clothing Continue reading →
  3. Weight Training for Tall Guys

    Weight Training for Tall Guys Today we're talking about Weight Training for Tall Guys. It's no secret that the weight training can be unkind to tall guys like us, and bad form or performing the wrong exercises can often lead to injury. So, without further ado, here are some of our top tips to stick to when your training!  Continue reading →
  4. 12 Tall People Problems That We Know Too Well.

    Here is a list of the top 12 tall people problems that we know our customers will understand ! Being in the tallest 1% of the population is great, but it does come with a few downsides. Can you relate to any of these? Continue reading →
  5. Flying and the Myth of the Free Upgrade

    For any tall air traveller...we’ve all wondered...does the free upgrade from Economy to 1st Class or Business ever actually happen ? Team GB Beach Volleyball Player Chris Gregory on the myth of the free upgrade. Team GB Beach Volleyball Player Chris Gregory on the myth of the free upgrade. Well after years of flying and up to 60 flights in a season for myself and my 6'5" team-mate it finally happened ! Continue reading →
  6. Tournaments, Time-Off and Flying when you're tall !

    chris_g Now that it's the off-season within the world of beach volleyball, we thought it was time to catch up with our brand ambassador Chris Gregory.  15 Tournaments, 42 Flights & Time-Off! The 2015 World & European Beach Volleyball Tour is now over….so what do we do with our 2 weeks of allocated rest and time-off in the year!? Continue reading →
  7. Should height be classed as a disability ?

    Is height a disability ? My biggest single issue as a tall man is the way we're treated by airlines. It's not just me - every day I see tweets and facebook posts from customers complaining about it. Continue reading →
  8. Tall People Problems 3

  9. Tall People Problems - Edition 2

    More Tall People Problems from the occasional series from customer Gromuls.
  10. Tall People Problems - Edition 1

    Been sent this by a customer, and thought it was worth sharing:

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