1. Extra Tall Joggers and Sweat Pants: Not just for the gym

    Our customers consistently tell us that finding extra long joggers is one of the biggest struggles in life as a tall man. Continue reading →
  2. Tall Men's Jeans - We've Got You

    Tall Jeans with 36, 38, and 40 Inch Inside Leg We've got you covered when it comes to finding extra long tall men's jeans. We've got over 100 pairs to pick from with leg lengths of 36, 38 and even 40 inches. Continue reading →
  3. There's more to tall mens clothing than a few extra inches.

    Last week, a box of clothing samples turned up at 2tall HQ. This was in the box... Apparently, this is Tall Mens Clothing Continue reading →
  4. Should height be classed as a disability ?

    Is height a disability ? My biggest single issue as a tall man is the way we're treated by airlines. It's not just me - every day I see tweets and facebook posts from customers complaining about it. Continue reading →
  5. Win a Pair of Hoopsfix All Star Classic Tickets

    Hoopsfix-All-Star-Classic We've got a pair of tickets up for grabs for this years hottest ticket in basketball - the sold out Hoopsfix All Star Classic Tournament at Brunel University on the 15th June ! Continue reading →
  6. Backing British Basketball - The Hoopsfix All-Star Classic

    Hoopsfix-All-Star-Classic We're delighted to announced that we've signed our first sponsorship deal, supporting British Basketball by adding our name to the sponsors list for the forthcoming Hoopsfix All-Star Classic event in London on Sunday 15th June. Continue reading →
  7. Height gives a clear advantage in sport ...

    7f89f30d644e2ec1936531f666f69c95f466dbfb   A very high proportion of our customers are professional and student athletes taking part in sports like basketball, volleyball, rugby, cricket and rowing, and using their height to their advantage, so will be interested to see this story in The Guardian which argues that if we're going to divide sports into catagories such as sex and weight for fairness in competiton, we should do so with height too.   Continue reading →
  8. Tall People are Officially More Intelligent !

    The Sunday Times is reporting that a study has revealed a connection between height and IQ.  Sunday Times: Tall People are More Intelligent Continue reading →
  9. 2tall.com shopping: Tall T-Shirts that fit

    2t_tee   Customers keep telling us they love our t-shirts ! Finally, a t-shirt that fits you across the chest and shoulders, AND is long enough, without hanging around your waist because you had to go up a couple of sizes to get the length you need. And with all clothing that we sell on 2tall.com - it's longer NOT wider for guys who are tall, not big and tall. Continue reading →
  10. Happy New Year

    We're straight back to work making final preparations for our Spring Summer collection - in April we'll launch our biggest range of tall mens clothes yet - 38 leg jeans and even 40 leg jeans, plus extra long chinos in summer colours, and for the first time extra long shorts. We're also adding more shoe brands in 2014 - so...

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