We went back to the drawing board when we launched our autumn/winter range of shirts, introducing a range of over a dozen designs specially fitted for tall men, that don't suffer from the same problems that normal length, or "big and tall" shirts do.

Firstly - they're cut for tall men - not fat men, and so they have a proper collar, and back darts for normal size guys who's waist is smaller than their chest. We're all about products that are extra long, not extra wide, with extra length - the back length on one of our XLT shirts is 88cm (thats 10cm longer than a high street size XL)

The model in the photo above is an actual 2tall customer because we believe the best people to model our shirts are our customers - and is 6'10". Our products are all tried and tested by tall guys just like you, and are ideal for tall men from 6'4" to over 7 foot.

The arms are longer too - so you don't have to spend their entire life with their sleeves rolled up. Even the arm holes are bigger, to accommodate someone with a longer upper body. We make these little changes because we're not some huge mail order company, we're a business for tall men by tall men, so we understand.

Remember, if you need any help with fit, you can get in touch. You'll not speak to someone in a call centre, you'll speak to a fellow tall guy who knows how hard finding tall mens shirts can be.