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We Understand Tall - Our Story

As a 7 foot tall guy, I grew up struggling to find clothes that fitted, having purchased 'tall' products from stores around the world without finding anything that actually felt right. Big & tall stores where just that; they sold a handful of extra long products with zero style or fit. So in 2011, I decided it was time for change, and started work on 2tall.com, with one simple goal in mind:


From my own experience, I know first-hand that tall men face a very specific struggle. Something that's unique to us.

Speaking to other tall guys as research was fascinating; many of them had never discussed being tall with another tall guy, and the feedback they gave me completely convinced me that we needed something better.

It was during this research I first met Andy, who at the time was a 6'9" skinny guy who was just starting university. From day one he was the guy who modelled all the products on the site, and would call into the warehouse on his way to his part-time bar job, where we'd discuss new products and ideas. Over time, he'd start helping out more and more, and eventually joined full time once he graduated.

5 years on, and he's now a director and the person who runs 2tall.com on a daily basis.


Here at 2tall.com you’re not dealing with some stranger in a call centre who doesn’t get what it's like to be tall. When you talk to us, you’re talking to a tall guy who knows the problems you face, and as a business, we’re working hard to find our customers clothing that actually fits. 2tall.com has never been about trying to sell to a market; we're not jumping on a bandwagon, or appeasing shareholders; we are here because we get the unique problems that tall guys face, and only tall guys understand, and doing something better about it.

Tall isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are.


Just to make it clear, we’re not a big and tall store. We create clothing for slim and athletically built tall men. Clothing that makes a tall guy feel confident in how he looks. It’s that simple. It shouldn’t be a rarity to find clothing that fits, that’s why we are always working hard to give you the best selection of clothing for tall men.


Our customers are basketball and volleyball players, rowers and rugby players, the tall guy in the pub, the tall teen at school or uni, that guy at work who's always got his sleeves rolled up. We are normal sized guys who are tall; tall men who want extra-long clothes, not extra wide ones.

It's why we reject the vast majority of the commercially available "tall" products that we get offered, focusing instead on our own products, because we know they'll fit. There are constant hurdles getting in the way of sourcing the products we want to sell, but we won't stop in our pursuit of giving you the best selection of tall clothing. Our sizes start where high street tall finishes - to us tall isn't a 34" leg - our customers start at around 6’3” and we've got plenty who are 7 foot plus.

And because we're tall too - your height isn't weird to us; it's perfectly normal, something we understand.

We’re excited to hear from you, so please get in touch if you have any questions.