Meet the Team: J.J.

As the person who started work on what would become back in 2012, J.J. knew only too well the frustrations tall guys faced, and having been involved in selling online since the early days of e-commerce, knew that it was time for something better.

"As a 7 footer, i've struggled to find clothes and shoes since my teens, so can relate first hand to every customer we have. I created to meet the needs of other tall men just like me. I've taken 12 years of experience in running a successful online business and the problems i've faced as a tall guy, and tried to turn it into something to help others"

We caught up with J.J. to find out a bit more about him...

How tall are you ?

7 foot

What do you do for a living ?

I started work on back in 2012, launched it in 2013, and it now takes up all my time. I also act as a mentor to a couple of people just starting out in business.

How does your height help you in this role ?

It's why I started the company to begin with !

Tell us something else about yourself ?

I used to own a website selling DJ equipment which I sold in 2011. So selling online and being tall is all I know anything about !

What is the best thing about being tall ?

People remember you.

What do you do in your spare time ?

Movies. And coffee.

What’s your favourite food ?

I'm really not into overly fancy food - can't beat an indian or steak and a baked potato. And sometimes beans on toast is the best thing ever.

What is your favourite song of all time ?

Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives.

What about your favourite TV show ?

The Sopranos.

What couldn’t you live without ?

Again coffee. And the numerous Apple products that I own.

Who is your role model / greatest inspiration ?

I really have no idea. Homer Simpson ?

What advice would you give other tall guys ?

You can't change it, so you have to learn to love it.



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