Meet the Team: Andy

This is Andy. He is the first employee of 2tall and you may recognise his legs from all the product photos. 

Andy is also very typical of a 2tall customer is terms of build and shoe size. 

"I love working in a business that understand too well. I have faced problems finding clothes and shoes all through my life and its great to actually work in an industry that caters for guys like me"

I'm looking forward to working with J.J to help improve the product range that we have to offer.

We caught up with Andy to find out a bit more about him...

How tall are you ?


What do you do for a living ?

I work at 2tall HQ, aiming to improve the lives of tall guys across the globe by providing clothes that not only fit, but fit well. 

How does your height help you in this role ?

Not only does it allow me to part of a great tall community, but it allows me to connect with customers as I'm a tall guy just like them. 

Tell us something else about yourself ?

I'm an overall sporty guy, I enjoy basketball, golf and I used to be a goalkeeper. I played basketball for Aberdeen University with Tom during my university degree, but since i graduated I've been playing with a local team.

What is the best thing about being tall ?

It's hard to say just one benefit because there are so many, but i enjoy the fact that i'm part of an exciting growing business that i probably wouldn’t be part of if i wasn’t this tall.

What do you do in your spare time ?

Usually football/ basketball training takes up some of my evenings but I enjoy golfing at the weekends when the weather is fine. I'm also a big fan of Suits, so I like keeping up to date with the latest episodes. 

What’s your favourite food ?

Mexican and Indian. I like to order hot curries when I'm out for food, but it usually results in tears running down my face.

What is your favourite song of all time ?

Thats a tough one as I have a few. My itunes is all over the place, full of very different songs/ artists from Macklemore to Bruce Springsteen. However we usually have Absolute 80s playing in the office which is a winner.

What about your favourite TV show ?

I enjoy Suits but i've also have got a lot of time for "8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown." 

What couldn’t you live without ?


Who is your role model / greatest inspiration ?

My Father.

What advice would you give other tall guys ?

Embrace your height. There are thousands of people who would love to be as a tall as you, so enjoy it.


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