1. Flying and the Myth of the Free Upgrade

    For any tall air traveller...we’ve all wondered...does the free upgrade from Economy to 1st Class or Business ever actually happen ? Team GB Beach Volleyball Player Chris Gregory on the myth of the free upgrade. Team GB Beach Volleyball Player Chris Gregory on the myth of the free upgrade. Well after years of flying and up to 60 flights in a season for myself and my 6'5" team-mate it finally happened ! Continue reading →
  2. Chris Gregory - Hot and Cold

    You wouldn’t think preparation for the summer sport of beach volleyball would begin the 1st of December 2015 would you? Chris Gregory - Team GB Beach Volleyball Player and Brand Ambassador Staying warm in winter is tough when you're 6'10" - makes life easier when you're tall and slim ! Continue reading →
  3. We've been awarded the Google Certified Shops badge !

    We're happy to annouce that we've been selected to join the Google Certified Shops program, a scheme which helps shoppers identify online merchants that offer a great shopping experience. The Google Certified Shops badge is awarded to e­commerce sites that demonstrate a track record of on­time shipping and excellent customer service. When visiting, shoppers will see a Google Certified Shops badge...
  4. Tournaments, Time-Off and Flying when you're tall !

    chris_g Now that it's the off-season within the world of beach volleyball, we thought it was time to catch up with our brand ambassador Chris Gregory.  15 Tournaments, 42 Flights & Time-Off! The 2015 World & European Beach Volleyball Tour is now over….so what do we do with our 2 weeks of allocated rest and time-off in the year!? Continue reading →
  5. New Heights in Beach Volleyball

    gbrchrisgregory-1055221702019442452_1451062488 Two months ago, we introduced our first brand ambassador, Team GB Beach Volleyball player Chris Gregory.  Since then, we have been following his progress ithroughout the European Tour, where along with his partner Jake Sheaf (6 foot 5) they have been performing extremely well. Chris was identified as being ideal for Beach Volleyball as part of Steve Redgrave’s Sporting Giants programme in 2007 ahead of the London Olympics, where they ran recruitment days to identify tall athletes for Team GB sports like rowing, basketball and volleyball. Continue reading →
  6. Is there a relationship between your height and physique?

      Does a taller body correlate to a leaner physique? Well scientists at the University of Queensland may have found the answer. A study investigating differences between European countries, found that people from northern Europe tended to be taller and slimmer than other Europeans. Continue reading →
  7. Tall Life Hacks

    Sam from Tall.Life provides some essential tall life hacks.  www.Tall.Life is a website devoted to bringing awareness to tall problems, giving perspective on these, and finding solutions where possible. Continue reading →
  8. Meet the Team: Chris Gregory

    e3ttZWRpYSB1cmw9Ind5c2l3eWcvY2hyaXNncmVnb3J5LmpwZyJ9fQ,, Chris Gregory is the first brand ambassador, and one half of Team GB's beach volleyball team, who along with partner Jake Sheaf, are representing Great Britain in the run up to the 2016 olympics. Continue reading →
  9. Could the nightmare of air travel be a thing of the past?

    20140714-115614-42974453-300x225 As we all know, flying is a real pain for tall guys, squeezing into a seat that has just enough legroom for someone who is 5’6”.  But is this nightmare about to change? Continue reading →
  10. Meet the Team: Tom

    tom_profile_pic Tom is one of our models at 2tall and has been involved with the business for the last 2 years. He's currently a student, so helps us out during his spare time when he's not studying (or at least trying to).  Tom's build is very similar to a lot of our customers, which meant before existed, he found it really difficult to find clothes that not only fitted him, but fitted well. Continue reading →

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