1. Weight Training for Tall Guys

    Weight Training for Tall Guys Today we're talking about Weight Training for Tall Guys. It's no secret that the weight training can be unkind to tall guys like us, and bad form or performing the wrong exercises can often lead to injury. So, without further ado, here are some of our top tips to stick to when your training!  Continue reading →
  2. Chris Gregory: Tall and Talented Sporting Giants

    Chris Gregory Tall and TalentedIn February 2007 the UK Sport Tall and Talented Team set out to awaken some future giants of British sport. In the first appeal of its kind, UK Sport asked potential athletes to make themselves known – providing they fulfilled the basic criteria of being tall (a minimum of 6’3” or 190cm for men and 5’11” or 180cm for women), young (between 16 and 25), and with some sort of athletic background. Continue reading →
  3. Zak Wells: Training When You Are Tall

    zak_gym Training when you're tall is often a remedy for things like natural bad posture. But it can also be a confidence booster! In a previous blog of mine I spoke about people being tall, especially at a younger age tending to slouch. In ways young tall people can be a little embarrassed about their height. This is understandable at that age as there will always be people staring or making comments, which of course makes things a little uncomfortable. Continue reading →
  4. 12 Tall People Problems That We Know Too Well.

    Here is a list of the top 12 tall people problems that we know our customers will understand ! Being in the tallest 1% of the population is great, but it does come with a few downsides. Can you relate to any of these? Continue reading →
  5. How to deal with being tall...

    2tall Brand Ambassador Zak Wells Team GB basketball player, and 2tall brand ambassador Zak Wells is 7 foot (213cm), and knows all about the problems that come with being tall and how we deal with it, learn to accept it and eventually love it. Continue reading →
  6. Why are we called ?

    The idea of an online store just for tall guys had been on the back of my mind for many years, because as someone who's 7 foot, I knew only too well that buying clothes was a nightmare. When you did actually find some tall mens jeans, the fit was terrible, the style was dated, and the quality was poor. I...
  7. Meet the Team: Zak Wells

    12823371_10154134347796454_5437914087214569313_o Zak Wells is our new brand ambassador, a professional basketball player for Leeds Force BBL team, and a member of the Senior Men's Great Britain Basketball Squad. At 7 foot, Zak is a very typical customer, and even at an athletic 120kg (19 stone), he finds his height and build just aren't catered for in traditional big and tall stores. Continue reading →
  8. Zak Wells: Tall and Talented

    13234530_1197286176950710_1185776668_o "OMG, look how tall that man is" is something I hear every single day and in the past it was something that would bother me, but now it's something I embrace and I can honestly say I am proud to be 7ft tall. Continue reading →
  9. Stretches for Lower Back Pain

      Whether you're big and tall or skinny and tall, as tall guys, we're often plagued with lower back pain, and this can massively impact our day-to-day life. But we're here to help! Check out 6'10" Mike demonstrating our favourite stretches for lower back pain.    Continue reading →
  10. We Are Now 3 Years Old :)

    f30f98f2-0e46-46f4-89b8-cae1efb30134 So this weekend, Sunday to be exact, comes our 3rd birthday. It feels like only yesterday that J.J. told me his plan, to create a business that would change the lives of other tall guys just like us, all over the world, by supplying clothes that not only fitted, but fitted well. Seeing as we are both tall guys (7 foot and 6 foot 9), we knew the burden that those who are also vertically gifted have when it came to finding clothes. Therfore was always something that we were and still are strong passionate about.  Continue reading →

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