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Welcome to 2tall.com - exclusively for tall men by tall men. We stock a range of

extra long tall mens clothing


big shoes

for tall guys.

We're not just another big and tall store - our customers are fit not fat - we sell normal size clothes in tall and extra tall sizes for tall men. Our average customer is 6'8" and we've got plenty of customers who are 7 feet plus. We sell modern, fashionable tall and extra tall jeans and chinos, trousers and sweat pants with a 38 inch leg and 40 inch inside leg, shirts and t-shirts in tall and extra tall lengths, and

size 13 shoes


size 14 shoes


size 15 shoes

and above. We're not some faceless mail order company, we're owned and operated by tall guys, so we know first hand how hard shopping when you're tall can be, and are trying to do something about it.

We really value your input - read about what we've been up to and get in touch if you've got any questions.